To make browsing the internet easy, you can use the tabs in your web browser. Tabs allow you to have several web pages open at once and easily switch among them.


With Desktop Internet Explorer open, click New Tab.

New Tab is the smallest, blank tab on the far right side of the tabs.


When the new tab appears, your most frequently visited sites are displayed. You can click on a frequent site, or enter a URL in the Address bar and press Enter.

The website opens in that tab. You can then click other tabs to switch among open sites.


You can return to a page by clicking that page's tab, thumbnail, or name in the drop-down list that you display by clicking the arrow in the Address bar.

You will return to the selected page.


Close an active tab by clicking the Close button on the right side of the tab.

If you use the Start Screen version of IE, right-click and then click the Add button (with a + mark in a circle) at the bottom of the screen to add a tab. The black area at the bottom of the screen shows any currently open tabs and you can enter a new URL to add a tab.

You can also press Ctrl+T to open a new tab in either version of Internet Explorer. Also, if you want to keep one tab open and close all others, right-click the tab you want to keep open and choose Close Other Tabs.