Once you’ve made settings for what should appear in Notification Center on your iPhone 4S, you’ll regularly want to take a look at those alerts and reminders.

View Notification Center on iPhone 4S

  1. 1.From any screen, tap the black status bar on top and drag down to display Notification Center.

  2. Note that items are divided into lists by type — for example, you'll see items categorized as Reminders, Mail, Calendar, and so on.

  3. To close Notification Center, tap the three lines in the bottom center of the screen and drag up toward the status bar.

You can display Stock and Weather Widgets in Notification Center by tapping Settings, Notifications, and making sure these appear in the “In Notification Center” list; if they don’t, swipe down to the “Not In Notification Center” list, tap on the widget you want to display, and tap the “Notification Center” On/Off button.

Go to an app from iPhone 4S Notification Center

  1. You can easily jump from Notification Center to any app that caused an alert or reminder to be displayed. Tap the status bar and drag down to display Notification Center.

  2. Tap any item; it opens in its originating app.

    If you’ve tapped a message such as an e-mail, you can then reply to the message.

Clear Notifications on iPhone 4S

  1. To get rid of old notifications for an app, tap the status bar and drag down to display Notification Center.

  2. Tap the pale gray X to the right of a category of notifications, such as Mail. The button changes to read Clear.

  3. Tap the Clear button, and the notification is removed from Notification Center.