For Seniors: How eBay Auctions Work

eBay offers several kinds of auctions, but for the most part, they all work the same way. An auction is a unique sales event where the exact value of the item for sale is not known. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Set Up a PayPal Account

PayPal is a popular method of payment on eBay. PayPal lets you (or your eBay buyer) click the Pay Now button that shows up at the end of a transaction or on an invoice. You can easily set up a PayPal account [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use Keywords to Find What You Want on eBay

A site the size of eBay can be overwhelming, but you can search with keywords to find what you want on eBay. Keywords are usually nouns (plus some adjectives) that you would use to describe your item. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Understand eBay Acronyms

When you shop on eBay, you’re going to come across some acronyms in item titles. Knowing what these acronyms stand for ahead of time (so you don’t have to click every item) will help you quickly figure [more…]

For Seniors: How to Examine the Seller and Item Info on eBay

You need to carefully review the seller and item info on eBay. On the right side of an eBay listing page, you see two stacked boxes. The top box is the Seller [more…]

For Seniors: How to Bid on an eBay Auction

You’ve found the perfect item (say, a really classy Elvis Presley wristwatch) on eBay, it’s in your price range, and you’re ready to bid. So just how do you bid on an eBay auction? [more…]

For Seniors: How to Make Your eBay Payment Immediately

Whether you win an eBay auction or are simply buying an item outright, your next task is to pay for the item. eBay’s Checkout is a convenient way to pay for your completed auctions, fixed-price sales, [more…]

For Seniors: How to Make Your First eBay Sale

Establishing yourself as an eBay seller isn’t as difficult as you might think; you just need to do a bit of homework and get to know the ropes. The key to making your first eBay sale is to start small [more…]

For Seniors: What You Can’t Sell on eBay

While the majority of items sold on eBay are aboveboard, you can’t just sell anything on eBay. eBay forbids listings that are either illegal (in the eyes of the government) or prohibited by eBay’s rules [more…]

For Seniors: How to Ship Your eBay Item to Your Buyer

Shipping the item you sold on eBay can be the most time-consuming task for many eBay sellers, but it needn’t be. It’s your job as the seller to see that the item gets to the buyer in one piece. [more…]

For Seniors: Using eBay's About Me Page for Building Community and Sales

eBay is more than just a Web site for buying and selling stuff. eBay is about people connecting with people. And a key (and free!) way to make eBay your online home is to create an About Me page. [more…]