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You can use a Windows 8.1 feature called snapping to display an open application reduced in size, which is useful for showing two windows, such as a browser and word processor, side by side. You can also snap an open but reduced in size app upward to restore it to full-screen view.

You can snap windows using either your touchscreen or a mouse. Open an app by clicking the All Apps button on the Start screen and clicking the app in the search results. To snap an open app using your touchscreen, simply do one of two things:

  • Press your finger on the top of an app displayed full screen and swipe it to the right or left side of your screen; it reduces in size and moves to that side.

  • Or, press your finger on a reduced app window at the top and snap it upward; it is restored to a full-screen display.

To snap using your mouse, follow the same procedures, but use your mouse cursor rather than your finger. Press your left mouse button on the top of an app window and quickly drag to the right, left, or upward, depending on what result you want to achieve.

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