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iPad 2 lets you keep in contact with your friends and colleagues through e-mail. Using Mail, you can create e-mail messages and send them to anyone you like, whether or not that person is in your Contacts list.

  1. With Mail open, tap the New Message icon.


    A blank message form appears.

  2. Enter a recipient’s address in the To field.

    If you have saved addresses in Contacts, tap the plus-sign symbol (+) in the Address field to choose an addressee from the Contacts list.

  3. If you want to send a copy of the message to other people, enter their addresses in the Cc/Bcc field.

    When you tap the CC/Bcc field, it expands to two fields — Cc and Bcc. Cc sends a copy of the message; using it is kind of like saying, "This is just for your information." Bcc sends a blind carbon copy, which means that other recipients are unaware that this person is being included in the reply.

  4. Enter the subject of the message in the Subject field.

    Although you don't have to enter a subject, it's a good idea to do so, so recipients can quickly identify the reason for the message.

  5. Tap in the message body and type your message.

    If Auto-Correction is turned on, then misspelled words are corrected automatically as you type. If Auto-Correction is turned off, but Check Spelling is on, you can check a word for correct spelling by selecting it.

  6. Tap Send.

    The message is sent to the designated recipients.

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