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Your iPad 2 makes a wonderful display for your digital images, pulled from the web or your digital camera. Collect images to the photo library, and browse through them whenever you like. You can even display a slideshow of images pulled from the web, digital camera, or elsewhere on your iPad 2.

You can do a lot with the photos on your iPad, such as printing them, sharing them through e-mail or Facebook, presenting them in a slideshow (on the iPad or even your TV), or using them for a contact or wallpaper.


Display a web page that contains an image you want to copy.

Navigate to the web page using Safari, then scroll down the page until you see the image you want to copy to iPad. You can search for images too, using the Search box.


Press and hold the image.

A menu of options appears.


Tap the Save Image option.

The image is saved to your photo library.

Be careful about copying images from the Internet and using them for business or promotional activities. Most images are copyrighted, and you may violate the copyright even if you simply use an image in a brochure for your association or a flyer for your community group, for example. Note that some search engines’ advanced search settings offer the option of browsing only for images that aren't copyrighted.

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