Electronic books you download from iBookstore on iTunes and other sources can be read on your iPad 2. Books you've downloaded appear on the iBooks' bookshelf where you can easily browse and read them.


Tap iBooks.

The Library (the bookshelf) should appear, but if not, tap the Library button.


Tap a book to open it.

The book opens. If you hold your iPad in portrait orientation, it shows one page; in landscape orientation, it shows two.


Place your finger in the bottom right corner or right edge of a page and flick to the left.

The next page is displayed.


Place your finger in the bottom left corner or left edge of a page and flick to the right.

The previous page is displayed


Tap and drag the slider at the bottom of the page to the right or left.

As you drag the slider, you browse pages quickly. Stop dragging to stop on that page and display it.


Tap the Table of Contents button at the top of the page (it looks like a little bulleted list) and then tap on a chapter.

When you tap the Table of Contents button, the book's Table of Contents appear. When you tap a particular chapter, the first page of that chapter appears.

To return to the Library to view another book at any time, tap the Library button. If the button isn’t visible, tap anywhere on the page and the toolbar appears.