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Your iPad has an exposed screen that can be damaged if you accidentally drop it or scratch it. Protect your iPad with a case so that you can carry it around the house or around town safely. Besides providing a bit of padding if you drop the device, a case makes the iPad less slippery in your hands, offering a better grip when working with it.

Several types of cases were available the first day the iPad shipped, and more are showing up all the time. You might choose the Smart Cover, from Apple, for example.


You don't have to buy an Apple product however; you can chose a cover from another manufacturer, such as Tuff-Luv, which offers cases in leather, faux leather, hemp, and other materials.


You might choose a case from Griffin that come in materials ranging from leather to silicone if you prefer.


Regardless of which manufacturer you select, iPad cases range from a few dollars to $70 or more for leather. Some provide a cover, while others protect only the back and sides or, in the case of Smart Cover, only the screen.

If you carry your iPad around much, consider a case with a cover to provide better protection for the screen or use a screen overlay, such as InvisibleShield from Zagg, which also offers a customizable iPad case.

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