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Apple has provided some privacy settings for Safari on your iPhone 4S that you should consider using — Private Browsing and Accept Cookies. Private Browsing automatically removes items from the download list, stops Safari from letting AutoFill save information used to complete your entries in the search or address fields as you type, and doesn’t save some browsing history information. These features can keep your online activities more private.

The Accept Cookies setting allows you to stop the downloading of cookies (small files that document your browsing history so you can be recognized the next time you go to or move within a site) to your iPhone.

You can control both settings by choosing Safari in the Settings window. Tap to turn Private Browsing on or off. Tap the arrow on Accept Cookies and choose to never save cookies, always save cookies, or only save cookies from visited sites.


You can also tap the Clear History and the Clear Cookies and Data options to manually clear your browsing history, saved cookies, and other data.

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