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Creating a document in Office 2010 is an easy task. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, a new Word document (or Excel workbook, or PowerPoint presentation) opens automatically when you start the program. You can just start typing or inserting content into it.

You can also create additional new documents. An easy shortcut to do so is to press Ctrl+N. You can also choose File→New. That latter method has the advantage of opening a selection of templates you can use to jumpstart your work if you don’t want a totally blank document to start with.

Putting text on the page (or onscreen) is a little different in each of the three major Office applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Word: The main work area of the program is a blank slate on which you can type directly. Just click in the work area and start typing!

  • Excel: The work area is divided into a grid of cells. Click any cell to make it active and type to place text into it.

  • PowerPoint: The work area is divided into three panes. The largest one, in the center, is where you insert content on a slide. If a slide has a text placeholder on it, you can click in the placeholder and type. If there isn’t a placeholder on the slide, or if the placeholder doesn’t meet your needs, you can place a text box on the slide manually.

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