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Apple is known for its helpful customer support, so if you’re stuck with your iPhone 4S, try out customer support. Here are a few options you can explore for getting help:

  • The Apple Store: Go to your local Apple Store (if one is handy) to see what the folks there might know about your problem.

  • The Apple support website: You can find online manuals, discussion forums, and downloads, and you can use the Apple Expert feature to contact a live support person by phone.

  • The iPhone User Guide: You can use the bookmarked manual on the Safari browser to view the user guide that comes with your iPhone.

  • The Apple battery replacement service: If you need repair or service for your battery, visit this service. Note that your warranty provides free battery replacement if the battery level dips below 50 percent and won’t go any higher during the first year you own it. If you purchase the AppleCare service agreement, this is extended to two years.

Apple recommends that you have your iPhone battery replaced only by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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