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For Seniors: Format Windows Live Hotmail Messages

Windows Live Hotmail provides tools to format the text in a message so that it looks pretty, funky or professional. Format a Hotmail message by changing fonts, adding color, and more, just as you would in a word-processed document.


Create a new Hotmail e-mail message (or open an existing message and click Reply or Forward).

A message form appears.


Enter text, and then click and drag with your mouse or touchpad to select the text you want to format.

The selected text is highlighted.


Use the formatting tools to make changes to the text as desired.

Change the style and size of text by making selections from the Font Name and Font Size drop-down lists. Add emphasis by clicking the Bold, Italic, or Underline buttons. Align text in a paragraph with the Justify Left, Justify Center, and Justify Right buttons. Start a numbered or bulleted list by clicking the Insert Numbered List or Insert Bulleted List buttons.

Add or remove a left margin indent to the current paragraph by clicking the Increase Indent or Decrease Indent buttons. You can insert a hyperlink to a website or online document by clicking the Insert Hyperlink button. Insert a horizontal line by clicking the Insert a Line button. Colorize or highlight text by clicking the Text Color or Text Highlight buttons.


Click the Send button.

The message is sent.

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