When shopping from your iPhone 4S, you have several ways to look for a selection in the iTunes Store. You can use the Search feature, search by genre or category, or view artists’ pages. Here’s how these work:

  • Tap in the Search field and enter a search term using the onscreen keyboard. Tap the Search button on the keyboard or, if a suggestion appeals to you, just tap that suggestion.

  • Tap the Genres tab. (In some content types, such as Audiobooks, it’s the Categories button; when you're viewing Video selections, you find three tabs across the screen for Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos that take you to those categories.) A list of genres or categories like the one shown here appears.

  • On a description page that appears when you tap a selection, you can find more offerings by the people involved with that particular work. For example, for a music selection, tap the More by This Artist link at the bottom of the page to see all of that artist’s selections.