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Twitter is a microblogging service, which means you can share your thoughts with others in text, but with a limit of 140 characters. When you join Twitter, you can create a profile and gain followers who can read your postings.

You can also follow others. It’s an interesting way to get quick updates on what your friends or family members are doing, or to follow a public figure or celebrity’s activities and thoughts. Recently, you can see these public figures responding to world events. It is a quick, fairly informal way for these high profile figures to communicate with an audience.


You can also set up Twitter on your mobile phone and get notifications when people you’re following post new messages, called tweets. You can include location information with your tweets, share photos and videos, and include links so your followers can go to another site to read more detailed information than the limited characters allowed in a tiny tweet.

If you follow news or informational sites, you can also stay up-to-date with hot news items using Twitter on your phone. With so many options for information on the internet, Twitter provides a quick way to get information at a glance. You can find more details elsewhere if you choose.

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