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In Google Maps on iPad 2, a bookmark provides a way to save a destination permanently. Bookmarks allow you to find your favorite locations quickly, again and again.

To add a bookmark to a location, you must first add pin the location.


After pinning a location, tap the Information icon.

The Information dialog displays.


Tap the Add to Bookmarks button.

The Add Bookmark dialog and the keyboard appear.


If you like, modify the name of the bookmark.

To modify the bookmark name, clear the text from the text box and type the name you want to use.


Tap Save.

The bookmark is saved to the Bookmarks list.


To view your bookmarks, tap the Bookmark icon (it looks like a little open book) at the top of the Maps screen.

A list of bookmarks is displayed; tap on a bookmark to go to that location.


To delete a bookmark, tap the Bookmark icon tap the Edit button.

A red minus icon appears to the left of each bookmark.


Tap a red minus icon and tap Delete.

The bookmark is removed.

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