If you want your iPhone 4S to alert you when an event is coming up, you can use the Alert feature of the Calendar app.


First tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and choose Sounds.

Scroll down to Calendar Alerts and tap it.


Tap any Alert Tone, which plays the tone for you.

When you’ve chosen the alert tone you want, tap Sounds to return to Sounds settings. Tap the Home button and then tap Calendar and create an event in your calendar or open an existing one for editing.


In the Add Event or Edit dialog, tap the Alert field.

The Event Alert dialog appears.


Tap any preset interval, from 5 Minutes to 2 Days Before or At Time of Event.

Remember that you can scroll down in the dialog to see more options.


Tap Done to save the alert.

Note that the Alert setting is shown in the Edit dialog.


Tap Done in the Edit dialog to save all settings. Tap the Day button to display Day view of the date of your event.

Note that the alert and timeframe are listed under the event in that view.

If you work for an organization that uses a Microsoft Exchange account, you can set up your iPhone to receive and respond to invitations from colleagues in your company. When somebody sends an invitation that you accept, it appears on your calendar.

Check with your company network administrator (who will jump at the chance to get her hands on your iPhone) or the iPhone User Guide to set up this feature if it sounds useful to you.