You can help manage your hypoglycemia, often referred to as low blood sugar, by choosing foods that improve your condition. You can enjoy a variety of foods, and the foods in the following list are tasty and healthy:

  • Organic meats (grass-fed, if possible), vegetables, and fruits whenever you can

  • High-quality protein (fish, poultry, lean meat, free-range eggs)

  • Fresh fruits, preferably with a meal or half an hour before. Eat blueberries and raspberries often; stone fruits, such as peaches and nectarines, are also good. You may not be able to tolerate fruit initially. If that’s the case, wait several months before trying again.

  • Fresh vegetables, especially dark, leafy greens, lightly cooked or, as much as possible, raw

  • Raw, unsalted, unseasoned nuts and seeds

  • Alternative sweeteners, such as stevia

  • Filtered water