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Food and Beverage Focus in Location-based Services

If you are venturing into location-based marketing, it is important to know a bit about potential location-based service (LBS) providers and their differentiators. A couple of LBS providers focus solely on the appreciation of food and beverages.

  • Foodspotting: Also leveraging foursquare’s geolocation database, Foodspotting allows members to rate and review individual dishes at local restaurants. It also encourages users to upload photos of the dishes. Users can rate foods and places and share them with one another.

    Foodspotting gives the users a view of a location through the eyes of local foodies. Restaurants can have their dishes featured in guides that help people find specific types of food in a location. Brands like Zagat have built guides in Foodspotting.

  • Untappd: This is the service that lets people check in to their beers. Similar to Foodspotting, Untappd allows you to rate and review beer and let others know where you are while enjoying your beer and it’s integrated with foursquare.

    Users can use the service to find out what kinds of beer are available at bars in their area. Some beer brands have used the badges feature to award users with a badge for checking in to their beers.

You can choose more than one. Because most of these are free, you’re risking only your time if one doesn’t work for you.

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