When you first install WordPress, the WordPress Blog module in the Dashboard is by default populated with the two most recent updates from the official WordPress blog. You see the title of the last post, the date it was published, and a short excerpt of the post. Click a title and you go directly to that post on the WordPress blog.

Following the updates of the WordPress Blog is very useful, because every single time you log in to your WordPress Dashboard, a glance at this section informs you about any news, updates, or alerts from the makers of WordPress. You can find out about any new versions of the software, security patches, or other important news regarding the software you are using to power your blog.

The WordPress platform lets you change this box to display posts from another blog of your choosing. You can accomplish this change by following these steps:


Hover your mouse pointer over the WordPress Blog module title. Click the Configure link shown to the right of the WordPress Blog title.

The module changes to display several options to change the information contained in the box.


Type your preferred RSS feed in the Enter the RSS Feed URL Here box.

Type your preferred title in the Give the Feed a Title (Optional) box. The title of the WordPress Blog module changes to the title you chose.


Specify the number of items you want to display.

The default number is 2, but you can display up to 20 by making a different choice from the How Many Items Would You Like to Display drop-down menu.


Specify whether you want to display the item’s content.

Item content refers to the text content of the post. If you don’t select the Display Item Content check box, WordPress doesn’t display an excerpt of the post — only the post title.


Specify whether you want to display the name of the person who wrote the post.

Leave the Display Item Author If Available box deselected if you don’t want the author’s name displayed.


Specify whether you want to display the date.

Leave the Display Item Date box deselected if you don’t want the date displayed.


Click the Submit button to save your changes.

The Dashboard page refreshes with your new changes. Click the title of the box to collapse it.

If you change your mind, click the Cancel link shown to the right of the WordPress Blog title. Clicking Cancel discards any changes you made and keeps the original settings intact.