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Almost every city has an entire hidden job market that’s accessible only through Twitter. Even if you never send a single tweet, you can still take advantage of this underground market. Here are the four ways people post jobs on Twitter:

  • Local recruiters often post their job openings on Twitter first in order to test the level of interest and determine whether to post them to a job board later. You can take advantage of this trend by finding recruiters on Twitter and following their tweets. Type in the keywords “recruiter,” “recruitment,” “sourcing,” or “executive placement” at Twellow.

  • Volunteer Twitter accounts aggregate and stream jobs posted in specific locations. As a result of these volunteer accounts, local job-search channels are emerging in almost every city. You can find and follow them by searching for “[your city] jobs” at Twellow.com. Check out Local Buzz Network for job postings on Twitter.

  • Companies sometimes use their Twitter accounts to post jobs. Some companies also have Twitter accounts specifically designed for recruiting. You can find these corporate Twitter accounts either by locating a link on the company’s home page or by searching it out on Twellow.com.

  • Many leading brands use TweetMyJobs to find talent. TweetMyJobs is a job board that’s unique because it posts jobs only through a specific Twitter account for your industry and location.

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