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A plant-based diet is not about how much you eat; it’s about what you eat. In fact, the amount you eat is irrelevant. This may shock you, given that most diets are so focused on portion size, calories, and grams of protein. Why? Because restricting food and calories is not the key to health.

It’s about what’s in the food, what it’s made up of, and what’s in that recipe or box that counts. You need to get so connected to your food that you become obsessed with ingredients and what’s in your meals, as opposed to how much your plate weighs. You may actually start to feel lighter just knowing you can let go of that concept here and now.

Become attached to being healthy and figuring out how plant-based eating enriches your “nutritional wardrobe” with all the colors, textures, and features brought forth by plants.

Try focusing on eating foods in their whole forms, not out of a package. Try to introduce at least one new food a week as you transition, while at the same time eliminating processed foods.

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