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Flash Tips for Creating Web Site Content

Part of the Building Flash Web Sites For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're building a Web site, you need to use Flash to keep your site visually interesting for viewers. Whether you want to make text fly off the page or show a video, Flash is the way to go. The following list offers tips to use as you create content for your Flash Web site:

  • Use symbols for each graphic object you create.

  • Test your handiwork early and often by using the Test Movie command.

  • Don't lump all of your content into one movie. Instead, break a large site into several small movies that load into an interface.

  • Don't use a different frame rate when loading external content into your Flash interface.

  • Use symbol instances when at all possible instead of creating new content.

  • Create a separate layer for any ActionScript that is added to keyframes in the timeline.

  • Label keyframes with meaningful names.

  • Use symbol linkage to reference Library items with ActionScript.

  • Use comments with complex lines of ActionScript.

  • Label layers.

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Building Flash Web Sites For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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