Keyboard shortcuts help you make quick, efficient use of the OS X Finder on your MacBook. Key combinations provide all kinds of options for performing common tasks on your Apple laptop.

Key Function
Command+A Selects all items in the active window (icon view), all items in the column (column view), or all items in the list (cover flow view)
Command+C Copies selected items
Command+D Duplicates the selected items
Command+E Ejects the selected volume
Command+F Displays the Find dialog
Command+H Hides all Finder windows
Command+I Shows info for selected items
Command+J Shows the view options for the active window
Command+K Displays the Connect to Server dialog
Command+L Creates an alias for the selected item
Command+M Minimizes the active window
Command+N Opens a new Finder window
Command+O Opens (or launches) the selected item
Command+R Shows the original for the selected alias
Command+T Opens a new Finder tab within a Finder window
Command+V Pastes items from the clipboard
Command+W Closes the active window
Command+X Cuts the selected items
Command+Z Undoes the last action (if possible)
Command+, Displays Finder Preferences
Command+1 Shows the active window in icon mode
Command+2 Shows the active window in list mode
Command+3 Shows the active window in column mode
Command+4 Shows the active window in Cover Flow mode
Command+[ Moves back to the previous Finder location
Command+] Moves forward to the next Finder location
Command+Del Moves selected items to the trash
Command+up arrow Shows enclosed folder
Command+` Cycles through windows
Command+Shift+? Displays the OS X Help Viewer
Command+Shift+A Takes you to your Applications folder
Command+Shift+C Takes you to the top-level computer location
Command+Shift+D Goes to the Desktop
Command+Control+F Toggles Full Screen mode
Command+Shift+G Takes you to a folder that you specify
Command+Shift+H Takes you to your Home folder
Command+Shift+K Goes to your Network location
Command+Option+L Goes to your Downloads folder
Command+Shift+Q Logs you out
Command+Shift+N Opens a new untitled folder in the active window
Command+Shift+O Goes to your Documents folder
Command+Shift+U Takes you to your Utilities folder
Command+Shift+Del Deletes the contents of the trash
Command+Option+Esc Displays the Force Quit Applications dialog
Command+Option+H Hides all windows except the Finder window
Command+Option+N Opens a new Smart Folder
Command+Option+T Hides the Finder window toolbar and sidebar
Command+Option+Space Opens the Spotlight window
Command+/ Toggles display of the status bar
Hold Power Restarts your laptop if it locks up
Control+Up Arrow/F3 Uses Mission Control to show all open windows
Control+Down Arrow/Control+F3 Uses Mission Control to show all open windows for the current application
Control+Right Arrow/Control+Left Arrow Uses Mission Control to move between multiple spaces
Command+F3/F11 Uses Mission Control to hide all windows and display the desktop
F4 Displays your Dashboard widgets