Use Quick Settings in your Kindle Fire HDX to set up the most commonly used functionality for your device. To access the Quick Settings on this table, swipe downward from the top of the Kindle Fire HDX screen; the Quick Settings buttons appear along the top of the screen.

Setting Description
Auto-Rotate Usually when you turn your Kindle Fire HDX around, the screen rotates so that it's always right-side up. Tap this setting to stop the Auto-Rotate feature. Stopping it can be useful if, for example, you're reading in bed and don't want your screen to move when you roll over.
Brightness Tap this button to display Auto-Brightness On/Off buttons. Use these buttons to turn on or off a feature that controls the brightness of the screen based on ambient light. You can also use the slider beneath this setting to adjust the brightness manually.
Wireless Tap to display an On/Off button that you can use to turn Wi-Fi on or to put the Kindle Fire HDX in Airplane Mode. With the Airplane Mode setting on, no available networks appear or can be connected to.
Quiet Time Tap this button if you don't want your Kindle Fire HDX to sound notifications of events, such as completed downloads or new e-mail.
Mayday Tap this button to get live support 24/7. The support person can't see you, but can see and manage your screen and talk you through a procedure.
Settings The Settings button on the Quick Settings bar takes you to a complete menu of settings for every aspect of Kindle Fire HDX.