When practising the energy therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique, you can do several things to enhance the results you get. First of all, make sure you’re specific with your words:

  • Try to avoid ‘this anxiety’ for instance and narrow it down to specifics, for example ‘I feel sick at the thought of taking my driving test.’

  • Use people’s names (‘my sister Norma’ instead of ‘my sister’)

  • Say what you really mean and be honest with yourself and your emotions.

  • Say the setup and reminder phrases with meaning and in your own words and not words that you think others will approve of.

  • Change the reminder phrase as needed to reflect the change in the problem being worked on.

Ask questions to help with the specifics:

  • ‘What sets the feeling off?’

  • ‘What do you have to think about to feel like that?’

  • ‘When (or where, or with whom) does it happen worst?’

  • ‘How do you know you’re afraid?’

  • ‘Where do you feel that in your body?’

  • ‘And then what happens?’