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You can edit shapes that you create in Photoshop Elements 10 by using a variety of tools and techniques. Here’s a list of the things you can do to modify your shapes:

  • Select. Choose the Shape Selection tool to move one or more shapes in their layers. This tool shares a flyout menu with the Shapes tools.

  • Move. Choose the Move tool (press V) to move the entire contents of the shape layer.

  • Delete. Select a shape with the Shape Selection tool and press Delete to remove it.

  • Transform shapes. Choose the Shape Selection tool and select your shape. Choose Image→Transform Shape and choose your desired transformation.

  • Change the color. Double-click the thumbnail of the shape layer on the Layers panel. This action transports you to the Color Picker, where you can choose a new color.

  • Clone a shape. Hold down the Alt (Option on the Macintosh) key and move the shape with the Move tool.

To convert your vector-based shape into a pixel-based shape, click the Simplify button on the Options bar or choose Layer→Simplify Layer. Note that you can’t edit a shape after you simplify it, except to modify the pixels. But you can now apply filters to the layer.

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