Daily Deal: A daily e-mail from eBay. Each day, eBay works with sellers to select four popular items and offer them for sale at low prices — with free shipping.

desktop computer: Typically have a large tower that contains the computer’s central processing unit (called a CPU). The keyboard, mouse, and monitor are separate. Desktop computers take up more space than laptops and are not portable, but they’re usually less expensive.

dial-up ISP: An Internet connection that uses the modem that resides in your computer and requires no additional equipment or connections. You typically load the freebie software that comes with a computer (or free at the computer store) into your CD drive and follow the registration steps that appear on your computer screen.

discussion boards: A message board where users go in, leave a message or ask a question, and pop out again. Also, to get an answer in a message board, you have to start a thread by asking a question.

double-click: Two rapid clicks of the left mouse button.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): A high-speed Internet connection where you're always connected to the Internet. A DSL line can move data as fast as 6MB per second —140 times as fast as a 56K modem. At that speed, a DSL connection can greatly enhance your eBay and Internet experiences.