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Easy Masonic Ciphers to Figure Out

The Freemasons have long used ciphers to encrypt their ceremonies and messages. Both the ciphers on this page use the classic Masonic Cipher, which is also known as the Pigpen Cipher, as the alphabet is written into a series of grids, with some passing resemblance to pigpens.


Despite appearances, these ciphers are all simple substitution cryptograms, so the frequency of each symbol will give you clues as to which letters are E, T and A. Other solving tricks for cryptograms will work equally well here.

See the Cracking Codes & Cryptograms For Dummies Cheat Sheet for more hints!

Easy Masonic Cipher 1. This is a quote from Albert Pike:


Easy Masonic Cipher 1 Hint

Easy Masonic Cipher 1 Answer

Easy Masonic Cipher 2. It won’t take you long to crack this cryptogram!


Easy Masonic Cipher 2 Hint

Easy Masonic Cipher 2 Answer

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