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Drupal-Friendly Web-Hosting Companies

Web-hosting companies offer you access to a web server where you can install Drupal and make your site visible on the web. Some companies install Drupal for you or provide you with one-click install, saving you a bit of effort.

If you decide to skip installing Drupal yourself, consider getting an account with one of these or using Drupal Gardens.

The following list shows a few web hosting companies to consider. Most of these companies use the auto-installer programs Softaculous or Fantastico.

  • GreenGeeks: Offers great customer support and is committed to offering quality service with an eye toward environmental friendliness.

  • Site5: Focus is on guaranteed performance and talented tech support. Winner of dozens of industry awards, including Best Shared Webhost.

  • CirtexHosting: If you plan on uploading videos on your site and allowing users to stream videos online, then CirtexHosting is a good choice.

    CirtexHosting specializes in FFMPEG video hosting, which allows Drupal to convert videos into Adobe Flash videos online for your visitors to stream.

  • GoDaddy: This is a very popular hosting service.

    GoDaddy doesn't use Fantastico, but its own installation script is very similar and very easy to use to get Drupal running.

  • Nexcess: You'll have to install Drupal manually if you use this web host. They pride themselves on being simple, affordable, and reliable.

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