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For people who travel a lot, one of the neatest things about the NOOK Tablet is the ability to read some of the same newspapers and magazines that are piling up on the desktop back home. But sometimes it makes you wonder why you’re paying twice for the same material.

This is a problem that is still in the process of being solved, but some publishers have begun offering a discount on NOOK subscriptions to loyal customers who also have a subscription to the print version. Start by calling or e-mailing the publisher of the newspaper or magazine.

If they have seen the light and are offering a discount, it should be reflected at Barnes & Noble’s website. However, you may have to do some work to introduce the bookstore to the publisher.

  1. Go to and visit My Account.

  2. Locate the section called Manage Digital Subscriptions.

    If the newspaper or magazine offers a discount and Barnes & Noble is aware of it, you should see a link to verify your print subscription information by entering your print subscription account number; that number is printed on the mailing label for the publication. If you have a discount but don’t see it listed, call customer service and politely inquire about it.

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