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Another nifty Joomla module is Articles — Related Articles. Articles — Related Articles is a module that displays articles related to the one that a site visitor has chosen to view. How does this module know what articles are related to the current article? It uses the metadata keywords you can enter in the metadata settings for each article.

To set up and use this module, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Content→Article Manager to open Article Manager.

  2. Click the name of an article you want to include in the Articles — Related Articles module.

    An article-editor page opens for that article.

  3. In the Metadata Options pane on the right side of the page, enter a keyword in the Meta Keywords text box.

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each article you want to include, using the same keyword each time.

  5. Choose Extensions→Module Manager to open Module Manager.

  6. Click Articles Related Articles to open that module’s administration page.

  7. In the Published section of the Details pane, select the Published option from the drop-down list.

  8. In the Menu Assignment pane, select which pages you want the module to appear on first from the drop-down menu or the list of individual pages.

  9. Click Save or Save & Close.

If you choose to enter more than one meta keyword or phrase to describe an article, be sure to separate each one with a comma.

Depending on what template you’re using on your Joomla site, you may need to change the module’s position before you’ll be able to see it working on any of your front-end pages.

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