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All relationships, whether with a partner or work colleague, are like a mirror. Relationships can help you see your own desires, judgments and expectations. Seeing relationships as a mirror can be hugely transformative.

What does it mean to see relationships as a mirror? When communicating to someone, the way you feel, think and act indicates something about your own nature. The relationship not only shows you what the other person is like, but also it shows what you’re like. To discover this, you need to be mindful of the way you think and react to others.

For example, maybe you don’t like your colleague because she gets angry so easily. She snaps at the smallest problem. But what about you? Maybe you get angry quite easily too? Or perhaps you turn your anger inwards and are quite self-critical when things don’t go your way.

Finding out about yourself helps. By being mindful, you learn about your typical, habitual ways of reacting to others and begin exploring ways to let them go. You can then be less judgmental of both others and yourself. After all, they’re not perfect, just like you. Everyone is different, and although you won’t become close to everyone you meet, at least you understand them and see a bit of them in yourself too.

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