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Difficult Symbol Cryptograms to Try to Solve

These symbol substitution ciphers are extra tricky, but don’t let the level of difficulty dissuade you! You can be quite proud of yourself if you crack these puzzles!

Hard Symbol Cipher 1. Be careful: This Illuminati cipher has different symbols for upper- and lower-case letters. The message is from noted Freemason, Albert Pike:


Hard Symbol Cipher 1 Hint

Hard Symbol Cipher 1 Answer

Hard Symbol Cipher 2. A good insight from an influential American writer:


Hard Symbol Cipher 2 Hint

Hard Symbol Cipher 2 Answer

Hard Symbol Cipher 3. Shorter cryptograms are often more difficult to solve, as the letter frequencies can be skewed. Don’t give up on this one!


Hard Symbol Cipher 3 Hint

Hard Symbol Cipher 3 Answer

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