Dictating to Excel: What to Say for Common Punctuation

Part of the Excel 2003 for Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Speech Recognition feature in Excel 2003 dictates a word or phrase you speak into your PC's microphone for common punctuation and symbols. Here are the words to say and what Speech Recognition executes:

Word(s) You Say What Speech Recognition Enters
Ampersand &
Asterisk *
At sign @
Backslash \
Close paren )
Close quote
Colon :
Comma ,
Dash -
Dollar sign $
Dot .
Ellipsis . . .
End quote
Equals =
Exclamation point !
Greater than >
Hyphen -
Less than <
Open paren (
Open quote
Percent sign %
Period .
Plus sign +
Question mark ?
Semi-colon ;
Single quote
Slash /
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