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Dating again after 50 can be a challenge to your confidence. Once you finally approach or are approached by someone, it feels good to have the possibility of a first date.

So what happens if you were smiling, flirting, and getting along like people who were totally into each other, and then he doesn't call or he writes you an “I'm sorry, you're very nice but you're not the one” e-mail. You're having a crisis of confidence: Were you wrong about the signs and chemistry between you? What could have happened?

You weren't wrong: Usually people recognize chemistry when they experience it. But chemistry isn't everything; someone may be drawn to you and still not want to move forward with you. Here are some reasons you may have chemistry but no second date:

  • The person is on a serious hunt for “the one.” He doesn't think that's you, and he doesn't want to waste time, no matter how great you are.

  • The person is still emotionally attached to someone else.

  • The person is just charming. Everyone feels chemistry with him. He's used to the sexual connection, but he's actually very picky about who to get involved with.

  • Some crisis intervenes, and the person is no longer in the mood for dating.

Don't take it personally; move on and don't worry about it. Look for a true connection.

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