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Photoshop Elements 12 offers you several tools for adding type to a photo. The tools, shown in the figure, reading from left to right and top to bottom, are

  • Horizontal Type: Click the cursor and type text horizontally. You can choose from various type attributes in the Tool Options panel.

  • Vertical Type: Use this tool to add type vertically on a photo.

  • Horizontal Type Mask: The Type Mask tools create selection outlines of the characters you type. As the tool name indicates, the text created with this tool is oriented horizontally.

  • Vertical Type Mask: Use this tool to create a selection mask vertically.

  • Text on Selection: Click this tool and make a selection. After completing the selection, you add text to the selection path.

  • Text on Shape: Click this tool, and you can draw a shape (like a box). Move the cursor over the shape while the tool is still selected and add type to the shape. For example, add type around the sides of a box.

  • Text on Custom Path: Click this tool, and you draw a line free-form — it’s much like using a Pencil tool, but the cursor appearance is like a Pen tool. After drawing a line, click the cursor on the line to add text along the path.

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