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Create Communities for the Corporate World with Sharepoint

SharePoint from Microsoft Office 365 brings online communities to the corporate world in a secure corporate environment. An online community is nothing more than a group of people coming together by using their computers regardless of geographic location. If you have used Facebook or LinkedIn or even AOL or Yahoo Groups, then you have been involved in an online community.

You can imagine the scenario where you are in the accounting department and the team is working on company financials. The team needs to collaborate with each other, but you wouldn’t want to be posting to each other’s Facebook walls or Twitter accounts. Some of the online community features that SharePoint provides include Wiki’s, blogs, content tagging, document sharing, discussion boards, people search, alerts, and notifications.

In addition to the online community features, every person who has a SharePoint account also has his own personal SharePoint site. The personal SharePoint site functionality is called My Sites. My Sites lets every user create a personal environment through which others can collaborate and share.

You can think of your My Site as your own personal portal that is all about you. You can add your interests, update your profile, view your colleagues, write on your note board, and even see what you have in common with other colleagues.

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