Creating keyword tags and assigning tags to photos helps you organize a collection of photos, and subcategories help you break down a collection into additional categories. With albums and star ratings, you can further break down a collection into groups that you might want to mark for printing, sharing, or onscreen slide shows.

To create an album, follow these steps:


Click the plus (+) icon on the Albums panel and choose New Album from the drop-down menu that appears.

The Albums panel expands to show the Album Details.


Name the new album.

Type a name for the album in the Album Name text box.


Drag photos from the Organizer to the items window in the Album Content panel.

Alternatively, you can select photos in the Organizer and click the plus (+) icon to add them to the album.


Click Done at the bottom of the panel.

Your new album now appears listed in the Albums panel.

That’s it! Your new album is created, and the photos you drag to the album are added to it. You can isolate all the photos within a given album by clicking the album name in the Albums panel.

Creating multiple albums uses only a fraction of the memory that would be required if you wanted to duplicate photos for multiple purposes, such as printing, web hosting, sharing, and so on.