Almond-Cinnamon Star Cookies

Get out your rolling pin! Almond-cinnamon stars are delicious and fun-shaped rolled cookies-perfect for holiday gatherings and cookie exchanges. Try this recipe for festive cookies that taste great! [more…]

How to Make Sablés

Sables (pronounced SAH blay) are a classic French butter cookie that originated in Normandy and are now popular throughout France. The name of these cookies means “sand,” which refers to their crumbly [more…]

Classic Scottish Shortbread

Shortbread is a classic Scottish cookie that is always served at afternoon tea in Scotland, as well as in lunchboxes and as a dessert at most Scottish events. Try this simple recipe for delicious cookies [more…]

Perfect Pofer Cookies

Pofer cookies not only taste delicious, but also look beautiful. Using a round fluted cookie cutter gives them an elegant appearance, because of the scalloped edges. Plus, the preserves glisten like jewels [more…]

How to Make Ischl Tartlets

Ischl (pronounced “eesh uhl”) tartlets are deliciously delicate cookies named from the Austrian spa town of Bad Ischl. This recipe uses a heart-shaped cookie cutter but these cookies can be cut into your [more…]

How to Make Hazelnut Chocolate Balls

These little gems of a cookie will melt in your mouth. They’re reminiscent of chocolate truffles, but the hazelnut balls pack more crunch. Hazelnut chocolate balls look very elegant when presented in paper [more…]

Almond Jam Slice Cookies

These cookies are delicious little gems, each looking like a special jewel with the jam glistening on the cookie. Almond jam slices are perfect with tea or any festive occasion. You can vary this recipe [more…]

How to Make Basic Madeleine Cookies

The look and taste of these classic molded madeleines is anything but basic and they’re sure to impress your guests. Experiment with this basic madeleine recipe by adding your favorite ingredients like [more…]

Spectacular Speculaa Cookies

Speculaas are crunchy, lightly browned spice cookies traditionally baked in the Netherlands and Belgium for St. Nicholas Eve. These cookies usually are baked with molds [more…]

How to Make Mocha Pretzel Cookies

These classic German cookies are fun to make and a real crowd pleaser. They look like the popular salty snacks, especially when decorated with coarse sugar to mimic the look of salt, but taste deliciously [more…]