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You can convert your own collections of CDs to play from your BlackBerry PlayBook. The CDs in your personal library are recorded as digital files, which is a good thing; they will likely last for years because the laser beam in a CD player doesn’t physically touch the tracks.

And generally, you can make whatever personal use you want of the music you own. You can listen to the tracks, invite friends over to a party and dance to the music, and even make copies as long as you don’t re-sell or redistribute those copies.

But CDs use a file format that most digital music players, including the BlackBerry PlayBook, don’t support. If you want to play some of your personal CDs on the PlayBook, you’ll need to rip a copy, which is a rough-sounding term for converting it from the CD format to one of the formats the tablet can use. The most common conversion is from the CD to MP3 or WAV format.

You have to do the conversion on a personal or laptop computer, and you need software for the purpose. Products include Creative Technology’s Creative Media Source, Microsoft Windows Media Player, and others. Once you’ve made the conversion, store the MP3 or WAV files on your computer, bring them over to the PlayBook using the USB cable connection, and store them in the Music folder on the tablet.

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