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Conjugating Regular Portuguese Verbs in Present Tense

Part of the Portuguese For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Regular verbs in Portuguese end in -ar, -er, and -ir. Here's an -ar verb: falar (fah-lah) (to speak). For the present tense of the verb, just take off the ending and add -o, -a, -amos, or -am to conjugate it:

  • Eu falo. (eh-ooh fah-loo.) (I speak.)

  • Você fala. (voh-seh fah-lah.) (You [singular] speak.)

  • Ele/ela fala. (eh-lee/eh-lah fah-lah.) (He/she speaks.)

  • Nós falamos. (nohz fah-lah-mooz.) (We speak.)

  • Eles falam. (eh-leez fah-lah-ooh.) (They speak.)

  • Vocês falam. (voh-sehz fah-lah-ooh.) (You [plural] speak.)

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