macros: Recorded bits of code that can automate certain activities in a program, but they can also carry viruses.

margin: The space between the edge of the paper and where the text begins. Ideal margins depend on many factors, including the document type, the need to limit the number of pages, and the audience’s needs

Maximize button: Click the Maximize button to hide the desktop and other open windows, to concentrate on this one window, and to see as much of the window’s contents as you can.

media: Refers to something other than text: Audio and video are examples of media.

menu bar: A horizontal strip containing various menus, the menu bar appears below the title bar, starting at the left edge of the window. To use a menu, click its name and a vertical list of related items drops down. Then click the item you want to use.

Microsoft Paint: An accessory that provides virtual pens and brushes for use in play, serious art, or art therapy.

Minimize button: Shrinks or hides the window contents. The program that the window contains is still running and open, but the window is out of sight. You’ll still see the program’s icon in the taskbar. Click the Minimize button when you want to ignore a particular window but aren’t actually done with it.

monitor: Displays images on its screen, such as the Microsoft Windows desktop or a document in a software program.

mouse: A tactile device that you use to give your computer commands. You move the mouse around your desk with your hand, which moves a pointer around on-screen. Using this pointer, you can click items like buttons that cause an action, or click the screen and drag the mouse to select text or an object to perform an action on it.