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Computer Keyboard Shortcuts for TI-Nspire Software

Part of the TI-Nspire For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sometimes when you're using a computer, you get into typing mode. Call it laziness if you want, but you might not really feel like accessing a symbol palette or catalog to insert the symbol or command that you need. Incidentally, the first seven shortcuts also work on the handheld:

  • To enter π, type pi.

  • To enter θ, type theta.

  • To enter ∞: type infinity.

  • To enter , type <=.

  • To enter , type >=.

  • To enter , type sqrt(...).

  • To enter ǁ, type abs(...).

  • To enter i (the imaginary constant), type @i.

  • To enter e (natural log base e), type @e.

  • To enter ° (degrees), type @d.

  • To enter r (radians), type @r.

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