Quicken 2012 produces a bunch of different reports. To make sense of what may otherwise become mass confusion, Quicken arranges all its reports into groups. Two of these are Comparison reports and Investing reports (available when you’ve set up investment accounts).

Quicken Comparison Reports
Report Description
Current Spending Vs. Average Spending By Category Summarizes spending by category and compares category totals to the average category total over the last six months.
Current Spending Vs. Average Spending By Payee Summarizes spending by payee and compares payee totals with the average payee total over the last six months.
Cash Flow Comparison Lets you compare category totals from two periods. You can use this report to compare January’s activity with February’s activity, for example. Remember: Because you’re comparing two periods, you need to enter two transaction date ranges.
Income And Expense Comparison By Category Summarizes spending totals by category for two time periods.
Income And Expense Comparison By Payee Summarizes spending totals by payee for two time periods.
Profit and Loss Comparison Compares one period’s income and expense with a previous period’s income and expense. Note that this report only appears after you unlock the Business Tools features of Quicken.
Quicken Investing Reports
Report Description
Capital Gains Lists all the realized gains on individual investments you hold. (A capital gain occurs when an investment is worth more than you paid for it. When you sell the investment, you realize the gain.)
Investing Activity Shows investment transactions grouped by activity.
Investment Asset Allocation Shows investments by asset class.
Investment Income Summarizes income and expense categories for the transactions you record in your investment accounts.
Investment Performance A power user report. This report calculates the internal rates of return delivered by each of the individual investments in your portfolio.
Investment Transactions Lists recorded transactions for all your investment accounts.
Maturity Dates for Bonds and CDs Produces a report that lists your bonds and certificates of deposit by maturity or redemption date.
Portfolio Value Lists the current value of all securities in your investment accounts.
Portfolio Value & Cost Basis Lists the current value and cost of all securities in your investment accounts.