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Comparing Common Windows Terms with Mac Terms

Computers seem to run on jargon. Many of the buzzwords and common terms used to work with Macs are exactly the same as those used for Windows: files, users, log on, log out, open, close, shut down, help, and most networking and Internet terms. Terms used to describe the graphical interface are mostly the same, too: menu, check box, dialog box, radio button, dragging, clicking, and double-clicking.

But some terms are different between the Mac and Windows PC. The following table provides the equivalent terms or types of programs for each platform.

Windows Terms versus Mac Terms
Windows Mac OS X
Control Panel System Preferences
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Option+Command+Esc
Exit (Alt+FX) Quit (Command+Q)
Internet Explorer Safari
My Computer Finder
My Documents Documents folder
My Music Music folder
My Pictures Pictures folder
Notepad TextEdit
Outlook Express Mail
Recycle Bin Trash Can
Settings Preferences
Shortcut icon Alias
Taskbar Dock
Hourglass cursor (busy signal) Spinning beach ball (busy signal)
Windows Explorer Finder window
Windows Update Software Update
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