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Common Web Browser Commands

These days, most web browsers share some common commands, some of which you might be familiar with already. The following commands work in all browsers.

  • Return to the previous page: Click the Back button or press Alt+la.

  • Reload the current page: Press Ctrl+R or click Reload or Refresh.

  • Go directly to a website: Type an address into the Address box and press Enter. (You can leave off the http://. Most, of the time, you can leave off the www., too.) Press F6 to move the cursor into the Address box.

  • Open a new tab in the browser window: Press Ctrl+T. Or, Ctrl+click a link to open it in a new tab.

  • Close the current tab: Press Ctrl+W.

  • Display the next tab: Press Ctrl+Tab.

  • Open a new browser window: Press Ctrl+N.

  • Enter or exit Full Screen mode: Press F11.

  • Save an image on a web page: Right-click the image (Command+click on a Mac) and choose Save Image As or Save Picture As.

  • Print the web page: Press Ctrl+P.

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