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Common Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of the Silverlight 4 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can access many of the features you use in Visual Studio to create a Silverlight application through keyboard shortcuts. Here are the common shortcuts to help you accomplish tasks quickly in Visual Studio.

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Alt+F1 Open Visual Studio Documentation
Ctrl+Shift+B Build your application
Ctrl+F5 Run your project
Ctrl+Alt+X Open the toolbox if it’s closed
F5 Debug the application
Ctrl+. Display the Smart tag menu, from which you can add references, implement interfaces, and so on
Ctrl+Shift+F Find in files
Ctrl+I Interactive search; allows you to start typing the search text interactively after you press Ctrl+I
Ctrl+Spacebar Activates IntelliSense
F4 Show Properties window
F10 Step over code while debugging
F11 Step into code while debugging
F7/Shift+F7 Switch between XAML and code-behind file
Ctrl+Tab Switch among open documents
Ctrl+K, C/Ctrl+E, C Comment code
Ctrl+K, U/Ctrl+E, U Uncomment code
Ctrl+C Copy selection into clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste selection from clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut selection
Ctrl+Shift+V Cycle through previous clipboard selections
Ctrl+S Save current open file
Ctrl+Shift+S Save all open files
Ctrl+G Goto line number
Alt+Shift+ENTER Show Visual Studio in Full Screen mode
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Silverlight 4 For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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