To make a request that MySQL can understand, you build a SQL statement and send it to the MySQL server. The bold words in the table are the MySQL query names:

Statement Description
ALTER TABLE table change Makes changes to the table schema.
CREATE DATABASE database Creates a database.
CREATE TABLE (col def,. . .,PRIMARY KEY(col)) Creates a table.
DELETE FROM tablename WHERE clause Deletes data from a table.
DROP database|table Deletes a database or table.
INSERT INTO table (col,col,. . .) VALUES (col,col,. . .) Adds data to a table.
LOAD DATA INFILE ″filename″ INTO TABLE table Adds data from a file to a table.
SELECT col,col,. . .FROM table WHERE clause Queries a table.
SHOW DATABASES|TABLES Displays information about a database or table.
SHOW COLUMNS FROM table Displays information about a table's column.
UPDATE table SET col=value,. ..WHERE clause Changes data within a table.