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Common Mac Application Shortcut Keystrokes

Part of the Macs All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

No matter what application you’re running on your Mac, you can usually speed up using it by pressing a Mac keyboard shortcut rather than using the mouse or trackpad to point to a menu and select a command. The following table lists the most common Mac keyboard shortcuts that can speed up working with 99.99999 percent of all Mac applications.

Keystroke Command
Command+N Create a new file
Command+O Open an existing file
Command+S Save an active file
Command+F Find text in an active file
Command+A Select all items in a window
Command+C Copy the selected item
Command+X Cut the selected item
Command+V Paste the most recently cut or copied item
Command+P Print
Command+Z Undo the last command
Command+W Close the active window
Esc Cancel dialogs and closes pull-down menus
Command+Q Quit an application
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