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Common Hardscape Elements for Your Chicken-Friendly Garden

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Concrete has experienced a rebirth in recent years as a design medium, inside the home, as well as outside in the landscape. Concrete is equally trendy and popular in the garden as a hardscape element. Anything goes; it doesn’t have to be basic concrete.

You cannot only customize the shape, color, and texture you desire, but also personalize it by molding objects and memorabilia in it. Customizing a concrete wall or path is as simple as adding great flea market finds, such as old tools and vintage water faucet handles, into your wet concrete before it dries.

Concrete doesn’t have the best permeable qualities, and in natural light colors can show rust and other marks from outdoor furniture or pots. Chickens walk on concrete, but they don’t stay long, because they prefer scratching in the dirt and foraging for food. Concrete can be hot to walk on in the summer; this heat further discourages chickens.

Concrete pros and cons: Concrete is economical, and it’s a great medium to design with. Concrete can crack and break up in extreme weather conditions. Concrete holds heat.

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